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JSI Tip 1262. Dynamic RAS Connector doesn't deliver mail over NetBEUI.

The Microsoft Exchange Dynamic RAS Connector doesn't deliver mail over NetBEUI because by default, the MTA (Message Transfer Agent) only supports TCP/IP, IPXSPX and Banyan Vines IP.

To enable NetBEUI over DRAS, use Regedt32, on both computers, to navigate to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Exchange\Exchange Provider

Double-click the RPC_SVR_BINDING_ORDER value and add NCACN_NB_NB.

Stop and re-start the MSExchangeMTA service.

The data in RPC_SVR_BINDING_ORDER is read serially, so it is important that the sequence is the same on both computers.

If NCACN_NB_NB is first, the MTA will attempt to use NetBEUI first. If both TCP/IP and NetBEUI are present, and TCP/IP is first, TCP/IP will be used.

Do not use NetBEUI as the only protocol with DRAS, as it is likely to cause delays with modem disconnect. Use TCP/IP also.

NOTE: DRAS ignores dialing prefix and suffix in the Phone Book. Add any required prefix or suffix to the phone number.

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