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JSI Tip 1226. Quiet-mode IE install issues "Already Installed" warning.

When you run a Quiet-mode Internet Explorer install on a system that alreay has this version of IE installed, your users may get the following warning:

   Setup has detected that the newest versions of Internet Explorer
   components are already installed. To exit Setup without making any
   changes, click Exit. To reinstall the current version of Internet
   Explorer, click Reinstall.
or the installation may terminate.

The following procedure may help:

1. Use regedt32 to navigate to:

     HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Active Setup\Jobs

2. Add Value name ReinstallFlagQuiet, a type REG_DWORD entry, and set the data value to 1.

Here is a list of Internet Explorer setup switches:

Switch                  Definition
/q                      Quiet mode - Skips all user prompts
/qu                     User Quiet mode - Shows some dialog boxes
/qa                     Admin Quiet mode - Does not show any dialog boxes
/t:path                 Extracts the files to the specified path
/c                      Extract only - Extracts the files without
                        installing them
/c:path                 Change location of Setup file - Specifies the path
                        to the Setup file if it is different from the
                        default path
/r:n                    Never restart - Do not restart the computer even
                        if it is necessary to complete the installation
/r:i                    Restart if necessary - Automatically restart the
                        computer if it is necessary to complete
/r:a                    Always restart - Always restart the computer after
/r:s                    Silent restart - Automatically restart the computer
                        without prompting the user
/n:v                    No version checking - Install the program over any
                        previous version

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