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JSI Tip 1218. Combined Post-SP4 hotfix.

In tip 0191, I described how to build a combined hotfix.

Microsoft has build a combined Post-SP4 hotfix that contains:

   Q192296 Specially-Malformed GET Requests Can Create Denial of Service

   Q195540 Windows NT 4.0 Does Not Recognize ATAPI Iomega Clik 40! Drive

   Q195725 Intermediate Network Driver Causes STOP 0x0000001E on MP PC

   Q195733 Denial of Service in Applications Using RPC over Named Pipes

   Q196270 SNMP Agent Leaks Memory When Queried

   Q214802 WinNT Lets You Paste Text into Unlock Workstation Dialog Box

   Q214840 MSV1_0 Allows Network Connections for Specific Accounts
You can get it at

The only possible problem is that the combined hotfix would not contain any updates that might/have been made to the individual hotfixes.

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