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JSI Tip 1199. SBS network not functioning after a new install?

When you install SBS, it attempts to detect your NIC. If setup fails to detect your NIC, it installs the MS Loopback Adapter and issues no warning message.

To resolve this problem:

01. Control Panel / Network / Adapter

02. Click the MS Loopback Adapter and press Remove.

03. Click Add.

04. Select a NIC from the list box. Click Have Disk, if a vendor driver is required.

NOTE: If your NIC is not listed, buy a listed NIC.

05. Input the IRQ and base address ranges for the NIC and click OK. Do NOT restart if prompted.

06. Click the Protocols tab and Add TCP/IP and any others you require.

07. Click the IP Address tab and enter the IP Address (the default is

08. Leaving the Default Gateway blank, enter a Subnet Mask of

09. On the WINS tab, enter (see step 07) as both the Primary and Secondary WINS server addresses.

10. Click OK, shutdown and restart your SBS server.

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