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JSI Tip 1190. More on Power Down when you Shut Down.

In tip 0037, I described the PowerDownAfterShutdown setting, that only works if your HAL supports it.

Starting with SP4, if you use a standard HAL (Hal.dll or Halmps.dll), you may now be able to implement PowerDownAfterShutdown.

Boot to an alternate install of Windows NT and copy \I386\HAL.DLL.SOFTEX from SP4 (or later) to your origonal %SystemRoot%\System32 folder as hal.dll. If you have a standard multi-processor, copy \I386\HALMPS.DLL.SOFTEX to your origonal %SystemRoot%\System32 folder, also as hal.dll.

You may also wish to implement a new default shutdown setting.

I have tried this on various standard HAL computers, including a multi-processor, and it works.

Don't forget to generate a new ERD (RDISK /S) before trying this, so you can run a repair or use tip 505, in case your Windows NT doesn't function with these HALs.

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