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JSI Tip 1178. Volume sets.

  • Volumes sets are created from up to 32 areas of disk space, on one or multiple partitions.
  • Volumes sets can be created and used on Windows NT Server and Workstation.
  • Volume sets provide no fault tolerance.
  • Volume sets are transparent to users. It appears as a single drive letter.
  • Volume sets can be formated as NTFS or FAT.
  • Volume sets can be extended, as long as you don't exceed the 32 extent limit.
  • Volume sets may improve performance, but their purpose is to efficently use disk space.
  • You can not install Windows NT on a volume set.
  • Other operating systems on a dual boot computer will not recognize the volume set.
  • An alternate install of Windows NT will not recognize the volume set unless you Partition / Configuration / Restore.

To create a volume set:

  • Use Disk Administrator (Winndisk.exe) to select up to 32 areas of free disk space by holding the Ctrl key.
  • Partition / Create Volume Set.
  • Exit Disk Administrator.
  • Shutdown and restart Windows NT. Autochk.exe will run a chkdsk /F which must complete for the volume set to be usable.
  • Upon restart, use Disk Administrator to Partition / Configuration / Save.
  • Use Disk Administrator or the FORMAT command to format the volume set for a file system.
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