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JSI Tip 1111. WINS consistency checking.

The optional ConsistencyCheck subkey allows you to configure periodic WINS database consistency checks.


 Value Name   Type   Default   Range   D e s c r i p t i o n 
 MaxRecsAtATime   REG_DWORD   30000 (Decimal)   1000 - Total # of records   Maximum # of records that will be replicated in one consistency check cycle. WINS performs consistency checks on the records of each owner WINS server. After checking an owner WINS server, the local WINS server continues to the next owner WINS server, or stops (based on this value). 
 UseRplPnrs   REG_DWORD   0 seconds   0 or nonzero   Time interval for pull partner consistency check (random selection from list). Zero contacts owner WINS servers. 
 TimeInterval   REG_DWORD   86400 seconds   21600 - 4G+   Time interval between consistency checks. 
 SpTime   REG_SZ   2:00:00   hh:mm:ss   Initial start time. 

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