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JSI Tip 1065. The easiest way to manage your server is ScriptLogic (formerly NTScript).

It's not often that I find an application that is so right for the majority of Windows NT/2000 Server installations, that I must recommend it.

ScriptLogic from INTELETEK, formerly NTScript, is just such a tool:

ScriptLogic is a robust logon scripting tool, offering centralized administration for Windows NT/2000 based networks. With ScriptLogic Manager's intuitive graphical user interface, you'll be able to configure client group-based drive mappings, printers, registry settings, mail profiles, MS Office file locations, policies, desktop and Internet settings.

ScriptLogic takes all the complication out of managing your users logon. It uses proven technology and many of the registry hacks from this site to accomplish logon script and policy management, all through a simple GUI.

Visit my ScriptLogic catalog and download a fully functional eval by clicking the NTScript logo.

ScriptLogic is licensed by location and by client system. The location license includes 5 client system licenses. Additional client license packs, as well as open licenses, are also available (JSI has the world's lowest prices).

When you decide to license a copy of ScriptLogic for your site, you will also need a license for the Server Resource kit. The least expensive way to do this, is to purchase the Windows NT Server Resource Kit Supplement 4 CD or Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit Supplement One CD.

When first developed, ScriptLogic encorporated the following tips, but each new release keeps pace with my postings:

0017, 0024, 0025, 0050, 0060, 0070, 0087, 0099, 0100, 0103, 0120, 0122, 0165, 0170, 0287, 0292, 0301, 0310, 0315, 0380, 0458, 0469, 0508, 0594, 0643, 0771, 0835, 0857, 0903, 1050, 1051, and 1052.

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