JSI Tip 10594. Expert Zone Support WebCast: Do It Yourself: Install a wireless home network.

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 920950 contains the following Session Summary:

Thursday, July 13, 2006: 10:00 AM Pacific time (Coordinated Universal Time -7 hours)

This Expert Zone Support WebCast gives you a brief overview of why someone would want to install a wireless home network. We will discuss the pros and cons of hubs, switches, and routers, how to choose them, and how to physically install the network. This presentation includes diagrams and describes the network setup wizard and related tools in Microsoft Windows XP.

This is a Level 200 session that will be presented by Joli Ballew.

Joli Ballew is a technology trainer and writer in the Dallas area. She holds several certifications. These certifications include Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE), A+, and Microsoft Certified Desktop Technician (MCDST). Joli has almost 20 books available. These books include Debunking Windows (Paraglyph Press), Hardcore Windows XP (McGraw-Hill), and Windows XP: Do Amazing Things (Microsoft Press). Joli is also a regular Microsoft Expert Zone columnist. You can contact Joli at [email protected] You can also visit Joli's newly designed Web site at http://www.joliballew.com.

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