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JSI Tip 1054. Trouble with PPTP?

If WINS and PPTP are installed on the same computer, your PPTP clients may receive:

The NetBIOS name of the computer to which you are attempting to connect is not resolved.


System error 53 has occurred. The network path was not found.

If WINS and PPTP are on different computers, your clients may unable to use resources or connect to shares on the PPTP server.

The above problems can be caused by your IP traffic through a dial-up connection whose path contains routers and firewalls that block UDP ports 137/138 or TCP port 139 (required for NetBIOS traffic).

Possible solutions:

1. Use the NetBEUI protocol for your PPTP tunnel, in addition to or instead of TCP/IP.

2. Add a second IP address to the NIC in the PPTP server (Advaced TCP/IP properties) and have the clients use that IP address.

3. Add a 2nd NIC to the PPTP server and have the clients use that IP address.

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