JSI Tip 10483. Do your tool tips get hidden behind the taskbar?

This problem doesn't happen on all Windows XP systems, but when it does, it happens often.

I have scripted FixTTbTB.bat to reduce, or eliminate the problem.

The syntax for using FixTTbTB.bat is:


Where F fixes the problem, and U undoes the fix.

FixTTbTB.bat contains:

@echo off
if \{%1\}==\{\} goto err
set key="HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop"
set switch=%1
set switch=%switch:"=%
if /i "%switch%" EQU "F" goto fix
if /i "%switch%" EQU "U" goto undo
@echo Syntax: FixTTbTB F^|U
goto :EOF
REG ADD %key% /V UserPreferencesMask /T REG_BINARY /F /D 90320780
goto end
REG ADD %key% /V UserPreferencesMask /T REG_BINARY /F /D 9E3E0780
goto end

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