JSI Tip 10456. When you connect a USB device, you receive a 'USB Power Exceeded' error?

When you attach a USB (Universal Serial Bus) device, you receive a USB Hub Power Exceeded error with the following explanation:

The hub does not have enough power available to operate <device driver name>. Would you like assistance in solving this problem? If you click No, the device may not function properly.

When you look at the device in Device Manger, it displays:

A USB device has requested more power than the hub can provide. Windows cannot enable the device. Remove the device and restart your computer.

This behavior will occur if there are too many USB devices attached to a passive (unpowered) USB hub.

To resolve this problem, replace the passive USB hub with an active (powered) hub.

NOTE: To workaround this problem, disconnect the affected device and connect it directly to the USB host controller in the back of your computer.

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