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JSI Tip 1045. How can I configure HyperTerminal to answer incoming calls?

Open HyperTerminal (Start / Programs / Accessories). Create a New Connection named Answer and enter the requested information. You can enter the phone number as 1234567 as it is unimportant, but required.

Click Cancel to abort the connect process.

Click File / Properties / Settings / ASCII Setup and set any/all of the following options so that characters are properly displayed:

     - Send line ends with line feed
     - Echo typed characters locally
     - Append line feeds to incoming lines
     - Wrap lines that exceed terminal width
Click OK and OK to return to the HyperTerminal window.

If your modem supports auto-answer, type ATS0=1.

NOTE: If you modem does not support auto-answer, or to test the connection, type ATA when the phone rings.

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