JSI Tip 10416. Microsoft Office XP setup appears to hang and error 2336 or 2755 is reported?

When you attempt to install Microsoft Office XP, Setup is very sluggish and you receive one of the following:

Error 2336. Setup cannot create a temporary file in folder C:\WINNT\Installer\. Verify that the folder exists in your system and that you have sufficient permissions to update it.


Error 2755. An internal error has occurred. (1632 \PROPLUS.MSI ) Contact Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) for assistance.


The installer is no longer responding.

This behavior will occur if you install Office XP on Windows 2000 and you do not have Full Control permission on the %SystemRoot%\Installer folder.

To workaround this behavior, the minimum permissions on the %SystemRoot%\Installer folder must be:

Everyone - Read (RX) 
Administrators - Full Control 
SYSTEM - Full Control 

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