JSI Tip 10206. TechNet Support WebCast: Real-world security: Threats and guidance.

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 915348 contains the following session summary:

This Microsoft Support WebCast provides concise steps to take if one or more systems are compromised. This WebCast also discusses how to improve computer security by using an in-depth defense strategy to help reduce risks.

This is a Level 200 session that was recorded Thursday, January 26, 2006 and presented by Kenley Lamaute, Tony Muniz, Greg Lenti.

Kenley Lamaute, Tony Muniz, and Greg Lenti are technical leads for the Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) Security team. This team of security support engineers is the first to respond to incidents and virus outbreaks for North America. This team also provides technical guidance to help implement and maintain a secure Microsoft Windows environment.

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