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JSI Tip 0980. Workstation service fails to start when 2 NICs are installed?

If your Workstation service fails to start when 2 NICs are installed, you may have the NetBEUI protocol bound to both NICS.

This causes both NICs to attempt to register the same NetBIOS name with WINS.

You would receive:

   Event ID: 3870
   Source: Workstation
   Description:  is not a valid computer name.

   Event ID: 7023
   Source: Service Control Manager
   Description: The Workstation service terminated with the following
   error: A duplicate name exists on the network.
Disable NetBEUI on one of the adapters:

1. Control Panel / Network / Bindings tab.

2. Click All Adapters in the Show Bindings For box.

3. Click the + next to the 2nd NIC.

4. Click NetBEUI Protocol and then click Disable.

5. Shutdown and restart.

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