JSI Tip 0938. Some programs don't work with the Task Scheduler.

Some programs, like SOON from the Resource Kit, require the Schedule Service (ATsvc.exe) and won't run under the Task Scheduler.

You have two options:

1. Uninstall Task Scheduler.

2. Find a program that runs with it.

Don't actually unistall Task Scheduler, simply morph it into the Schedule Service by modifying the registry Values at


 Value Name   Type   From   To 
 DependOnGroup   REG_MULTI_SZ      *Delete the Value Name* 
 DependOnService   REG_MULTI_SZ   RpcSs   *Delete the Value Name* 
 DisplayName   REG_SZ   Task Scheduler   *Delete the Value Name* 
 ErrorControl   REG_DWORD   0x1   0x1 
 Group   REG_SZ   . . .    *Delete the Value Name* 
 ImagePath   REG_EXPAND_SZ   %SystemRoot%\System32\MSTask.exe   %SystemRoot%\System32\AtSvc.Exe 
 ObjectName   REG_SZ   LocalSystem   LocalSystem
 (Note - You can use
 Control Panel / Services / Startup
  to set an Administrative Account)
 Start   REG_DWORD   0x3   0x2 
 Type   REG_DWORD   0x120   0x10 

In the case of SOON, you can use the Task Scheduler by simply calculating the start time. Replace SOON with 3 lines:

JSITimeM %AHH% %AMM% + 00 02
AT \[\\ComputerName\] %AHH%:%AMM% . . . . . . . .

Note: I added 2 minutes to insure that the command ran today.

See More on removing Task Scheduler.

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