JSI Tip 0926. How do I change the Generic Folder Icon on an Office 97 toolbar that I create?

The Generic Folder Icon appears to the right of the toolbar name. The built-in toolbars use specific icons as follows:

 Toolbar   Icon Description   Icon File/Number 
 Office   Four-color puzzle piece superimposed over a folder   msoffice.exe,12 
 Desktop   Desk lamp and a desk   shell32.dll,35 
 Quickshelf    Blue book superimposed over a folder   msoffice.exe,13 
 Favorites     Folder that contains a blue asterisk   msoffice,14 

The button icon for a toolbar is a per user setting at:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\8.0\Shortcut Bar\Toolbars\<Toolbar Name>\Face

where Face is a type REG_SZ entry. Set it to the file name, followed by a comma and the icon index number, starting at 1.

The file must in the office sub-folder (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office) or the %SystemRoot%\System32 sub-folder.

Exit and restart the toolbar for the change to take effect.

Here are some common icons:

 Icon File/Number   Icon Description 
 Shell32.dll,4   Generic folder (closed) 
 Shell32.dll,5   Generic folder (open) 
 Shell32.dll,20   Folder with superimposed icon 
 Shell32.dll,21   Open folder with paper 
 Shell32.dll,37   Folder with superimposed icon 
 Shell32.dll,40   Microsoft Windows logo 

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