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JSI Tip 0892. CLIMONNT causes 5711, account lockout, or Lsass CPU usage.

If Lsass.exe is consuming to many cycles, or user accounts are getting locked out intermitantly, or your event log has many

   Event ID 5711 - Source: NETLOGON
   Description: The partial synchronization request from the server <BDC>
   completed successfully. X changes(s) has (have) been returned to the caller.
you may have a CLIMONNT problem. This component of SMS wakes up every 24 hours logs onto the SMS shares on your network.

If, however, a user password has expired or changed and the user is still logged on, or logged onto any other machine with the old password, the CLIMONNT logon fails and it just keeps on trying. This can cause the account lockout to be tripped.

Locate the user account in question and have them logoff. If the password has expired, have them change it and logoff. Reset the account lockout if necessary.

You can use JSINotify with 0 days and WhoIsOn to help locate the user.

NOTE: 27-JAN-99 - This is fixed in SMS SP4.

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