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JSI Tip 0880. Can't see all your Netware servers in Network Neighborhood?

If the Netware servers are running multiple frame types, this is the expected default behavior.

On an Windows NT Server, you can configure the NWLink dialog box to use multiple frame types but this is not possible on an Windows NT Workstation. You can hack it by using Regedt32 to browse to:


Double click the PKType value name, a type REG_MULTI_SZ entry, and remove any Auto Detect ( ff ) entry. Add two or more frame type values, one per line, from the following list and restart your workstation:

 Value   Frame Type 
 0   Ethernet II 
 1   Ethernet 802.3 
 2   Ethernet 802.2 
 3   Ethernet SNAP 
 4   Arcnet 
 ff   Auto Detect 

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