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JSI Tip 0780. What is fixed in SP4?

Regardless of what the readme files says, these are the fixes in Service Pack 4:

Service Pack 4

 Q109993 Winsock Application Causes 0x0000000A Blue Screen STOP Message
 Q112547 Dial-Up Networking Hangs After Failed Multilink Attempt
 Q123597 WinNT Err Msg: Error 614 Out of Buffers When Using RAS Script
 Q125020 NetBIOS SEND WAIT Call Returns Before RECEIVE is Sent
 Q129047 Synchronizing DNS Information in Registry with Boot Files
 Q129457 Anonymous Connections May Be Able to Obtain the Password Policy
 Q137565 System Error 53 When Connecting to a FQDN
 Q138791 SCSI Printing Devices Requiring Wide SCSI May Fail
 Q141496 DHCP Client Comment Disappears When Obtaining IP Address
 Q141708 Printing to LPD Printer Is Slow or Fails with Windows NT
 Q142026 Err: "Hidden Console of WOW VDM" Running 16-bit or MS-DOS App
 Q142047 Bad Network Packet May Cause Access Violation (AV) on DNS Server
 Q142615 Event Log Service Fails to Check Access to Security Log File
 Q142635 Cannot Change the Drive Letter of Removable Drives
 Q143160 Enterprise Server Stops During Print Spooling
 Q143478 Stop 0A in Tcpip.sys When Receiving Out Of Band (OOB) Data
 Q143484 IIS Services Stop with Large Client Requests
 Q146095 STOP: 0x0000000A or STOP: 0x0000001E in Tcpip.sys
 Q146965 GetAdmin Utility Grants Users Administrative Rights
 Q147222 Group of Hotfixes for Exchange 5.5 and IIS 4.0
 Q147706 How to Disable LM Authentication on Windows NT
 Q149658 TCP/IP Printing Causes File Cache to Grow
 Q150953 Nwuser.exe Send Function Truncates Messages to 38 Characters
 Q151677 NWLink SPX Ignores Allocation Number Sent By Peer
 Q151778 Huge Downlevel Print Job Causes File Cache to Grow
 Q151860 STOP 0x0A While Writing to the Middle of a Cached File
 Q152079 SNMP Traps Contain Invalid Agent ID Field
 Q152764 Garbled Characters Appear in Windows NT Print Queue
 Q152993 Raster Fonts Print Different on Windows NT 4.0 Than on 3.51
 Q153161 WinNT Systems Running RAS May Exhaust Available DHCP Leases
 Q153296 Write Cache on IDE/ATAPI Disks Is Not Flushed on Shut Down
 Q154087 Access Violation in LSASS.EXE Due to Incorrect Buffer Size
 Q154094 Using Iomega ATAPI Zip Drives with Windows NT
 Q154162 Memory Leak in Perfmon.exe Occurs Monitoring WINS Counters
 Q154174 Invalid ICMP Datagram Fragments Hang Windows NT, Windows 95
 Q154387 TAPISRV.EXE Thread Uses Excessive CPU Time
 Q154398 BDC Secure Channel May Fail if More Than 250 Computer Accounts
 Q154460 Denial of Service Attack Against WinNT Simple TCP/IP Services
 Q154475 Add Printer Wizard Printer Browse List Not in Alphabetical Order
 Q154552 NETSTAT Causes Memory Leak
 Q154694 New Policy Available to Hide Go To on Tools Menu
 Q154791 MS-DOS-based Applications May Not Find All Files
 Q154984 DNS Server May Not Recursively Resolve Some Names
 Q154985 DNS Registry Key Not Updated When Changing Zone Type
 Q154990 SETPASS May Change Password of Wrong User
 Q155495 Reference Counter Overflow in Security Descriptor Causes STOP
 Q155701 Invalid UDP Frames May Cause WINS to Terminate
 Q156655 Memory Leak and STOP Screens Using Intermediate NDIS Drivers
 Q157032 Services for Macintosh May Cause STOP 0x0A During High Load
 Q157123 Communicating with SNA Hosts May Cause STOP 0x0A in DLC.SYS
 Q157182 FPNW Causes STOP 0x50 When Connection Is Closed Twice
 Q157911 Deadlock in Service Control Manager During System Shut Down
 Q157913 Services Set to Interact With Desktop May Fail to Start
 Q158396 Explorer Hangs When Creating a New Folder On a MAC Volume
 Q158516 Access Violation in RPCRT4.DLL When Pickling Buffered RPC Data
 Q158548 Sysdiff Changes Dates on Files It Applies to Windows NT
 Q158581 Icon Position Not Stored When Using Roaming Profiles
 Q158682 Shortcuts Created Under Windows NT 4.0 Resolve to UNC Paths
 Q158706 Netmon Performance Counters Support a Maximum of Eight Adapters
 Q159310 Updated Version of Dns.exe Fixes Several Problems
 Q159595 Missing Uppercase "A" Character in the 1257 Font
 Q159599 WINS Consistency Checking May Not Start at Scheduled Time
 Q159839 Sysdiff Does Not Add Empty Directories
 Q159909 STOP 0x0000000A May Occur on Multiprocessor Systems
 Q160517 RRAS May Decrement Local Static Route Metric
 Q161968 NetBT Tears Down TCP Session with Many Concurrent File Transfers
 Q161969 LPR Printing Device Reports an Error If Printer Not Available
 Q162230 Fragmentation and Performance Issues with PPTP Connections
 Q163055 DHCP Client May Fail with WinNT 4.0 SP2 Multinetted DHCP Server
 Q163251 STOP 0xA Due to Buffer Overflow in NDISWAN.SYS
 Q163662 Running Multiple Instances of an Application Causes STOP x50
 Q163852 Invalid Operand with Locked CMPXCHG8B Instruction
 Q163855 STOP 0x0000001e May Occur in Srv.sys w/ Down Level Client
 Q164023 Fix for Gethostbyname() IP Address Order on Local Multihomed Mac
 Q164253 WinNT Err. Msg: Event ID 2018 When Srv.sys Is out of Memory
 Q164314 WinNT Err Msg: STOP 0x0000001E in Win32k.sys When Moving Mouse
 Q164438 FPNW Print Jobs Do Not Print or Errors Occur in FPNW Interface
 Q165005 Windows NT Slows Down Because of Land Attack
 Q165181 EISA Configuration Boot Code Is Replaced on Mirror Drives
 Q165387 Sharing Violation When Deleting a Folder
 Q165404 NTVDM AV on Servers with Exchange cc:Mail Connector
 Q165439 Parsing LMHOSTS with Invalid Entries Can Cause Stop 0x1E
 Q165664 RPC Encoding API "MesInqProcEncodingId" May Not Work
 Q165989 GetPeerName() Returns WSAENOTCONN After Select() Returns Success
 Q166571 Creating an SFM Volume on Large Partition Causes a Stop 0x24
 Q166822 Remote Password Change Works Incorrectly to Down-Level Server
 Q166846 Cannot Reconnect to TN3270 Server with Close Listen Sockets
 Q167038 RAS Clients Run Winsock and RPC Applications Slowly
 Q167040 PPTP Performance Update for Windows NT 4.0 Release Notes
 Q167110 WinNT Err. Msg: Stop 0x1E in FPNWSRV.SYS
 Q167395 RIP Routes May Expire Early When Running Windows NT 4.0 RIP
 Q167629 Predictable Query IDs Pose Security Risks for DNS Servers
 Q167703 Canon Bubble Jet BJC-4300 Does Not Support Ledger Paper
 Q167708 BootP Client Names Disappear in DHCP Manager
 Q167871 Error When Connecting to a Share on WinNT 4.0 NTFS Partition
 Q167969 Under Windows NT, Win16 Applications Opening MS-DOS Devices Fail
 Q168076 WINS Fails to Converge
 Q168662 DLC May Fail When Connecting Through an IBM 2210 Router
 Q168748 Java Applets Cause IE 3.02 to Stop Responding w/ SP3
 Q169020 32-bit Help Fails to Start When 16-bit Help Is Running
 Q169131 Print Setup Dialog Box May Take a Long Time to Display
 Q169274 TCP/IP Causes Time Wait States to Exceed Four Minutes
 Q169291 Using Scopes with Different Subnet Masks in a Superscope
 Q169404 NTFS Directory Corruption with Frequent File Creation
 Q169461 Access Violation in DNS.EXE Caused by Malicious Telnet Attack
 Q169608 Occasional File Corruption When Using Unbuffered I/O
 Q169822 DSMN RAS Dial-in Properties Deletes NetWare Compatibility
 Q169839 XFOR: Cannot Enable (Appletalk) MTA Service NT SP3
 Q169847 SNMP SysUpTime Counter Resets After 49.7 Days
 Q169888 User-Define Path Dropped When User and System Paths Too Large
 Q170057 Dr. Watson Dialog Box Stops Responding
 Q170509 Memory Leak in SERVICES.EXE Causes Performance Degradation
 Q170510 Double-Clicking the Mouse Button Acts as a Single Click
 Q170517 Cannot Log on Using IPX After Installing SP3 on Windows NT 4.0
 Q170518 DNS Admin Fails When Managing Large Number of Zones
 Q170534 Microsoft FTP Client Echoes Gateway Password on the Screen
 Q170566 Ntbackup.exe Log Has Additional Space at Beginning of Each Line
 Q170568 Seagate Tape Drive Light Stays Lit After Exiting NTBACKUP
 Q170572 Unable to Format a 1.44-MB Disk on an LS-120 After SP3
 Q170626 DDEML: Memory Leak in Global Shared Memory
 Q170753 Window Focus Set to Invoke Wrong 16-bit Application Through DDE
 Q170817 Windows NT Causes APC Smart UPS Battery to Discharge
 Q170880 Diskdump.sys Common Buffer Size Is Changed
 Q170965 SFM Time and Date Stamp Change Copying Between Volumes Locally
 Q171180 Non-Paged Pool Memory Leak in IRP Pool Tag
 Q171181 Deadlock in TCP/IP on Multiprocessor Computers
 Q171213 Copy to Removable Drive in Explorer May Fail After Media Swap
 Q171295 Fault Tolerant Systems May Encounter Problems with WinNT SP3
 Q171307 How to Disable SAP Broadcast for RPC Service
 Q171308 Explorer File Properties Dialog Version Tab Missing
 Q171386 Connectivity Delay with Multiple Redirectors Installed
 Q171458 Windows NT May Fail On Request to Open Large Files
 Q171564 TCP/IP Dead Gateway Detection Algorithm Updated for Windows NT
 Q171790 Time Incorrect After Restarting Multiprocessor System
 Q171940 MS-DOS Application I/O Operations Cause Floppy Drive Access
 Q171989 Windows NT Services for Macintosh May Not Start in Desired Zone
 Q171996 Winsock Function Calls Generate Non-Paged Pool Memory Leak
 Q171997 WINS Replication Does Not Start As Scheduled
 Q172003 Macintosh Change Password Fails on Down Trusted Domain PDC
 Q172030 WinNT Err Msg: Stop 0xA in TCPIP.SYS
 Q172122 Toshiba I586 Pro 230 MHz System and the National 307 Chip
 Q172147 Add Printer Wizard Hangs When Searching for Remote Printers
 Q172290 Routing and Remote Access "Out of Buffers" Event Logs
 Q172511 Stop 0x0000000A w/ Services for Macintosh & McAfee Anti-Virus
 Q172512 Routing and Remote Access Event ID 20100
 Q172613 Errors Connecting Through RAS When Password Expires
 Q172705 Explorer Access Violates When Viewing a File's Properties
 Q172762 Continuous Bhnt.sys Load and Unload Causes STOP 0xA and 0x7F
 Q172885 NetWare Print Server Names With Periods Truncated in Explorer
 Q172930 Removing Bypass Traverse Checking Causes Copy to Drop Streams
 Q172982 16-bit ShellExecute Fails if Application Exists in Long Path
 Q173059 Security Events Are Not Logged During Audit
 Q173277 No Memory.dmp File Created with RAM Above 1.7 GB
 Q173322 How to Disable Autochk During a Windows NT Reboot
 Q173385 System Policy Editor Will Not Allow More Than 255 Characters
 Q173523 IIS 3.0 Can Fail in Low Memory Conditions
 Q173525 WINS Client May Switch Primary and Secondary WINS Servers
 Q173526 "Serious Disk Error" When Saving Word 6.0 Document on Windows NT
 Q173533 WinNT Radius Client Sends Incomplete Accounting Information
 Q173676 Client Cannot Resolve MX Record via Microsoft DNS Server
 Q173753 Duplicate IP Addresses After Upgrading DHCP Clients to SP2
 Q173817 Savedump.exe Now Provides More Security to Memory.dmp
 Q173881 STOP 0x0000000A in Netbt.sys on a Multiprocessor Computer
 Q173941 Windows NT DNR Does Not Cache Short Names
 Q173993 Dialog Message Not Sent Correctly from 32-bit to 16-bit App
 Q173994 GetTextExtentPoint32W May Fail with Unicode Characters > 0x
 Q173997 Drive Letter Not Displayed in Error Message Box
 Q173998 Middle East/Thai Windows NT May Print Incorrect Characters
 Q174020 STOP 0x0000001E During Forced Shutdown and Program Exit
 Q174058 Delayed Worker Threads Causes a STOP 7A
 Q174076 Invalid Password Message When Strong Passwords Are Required
 Q174187 WinNT Does Not Display IBM PS/2 TrackPoint as the Mouse Driver
 Q174205 LSASS May Use a Large Amount of Memory on a Domain Controller
 Q174233 KeInitSystem Function Returns Uninitialized Stack on Alpha
 Q174234 Computer Hangs with Intensive 16-bit Code Running in a VDM
 Q174266 "Print Screen" from MS-DOS Application May Print Twice
 Q174333 Installing Win95 Print Drivers on WinNT 4.0 Asks for Wrong Disk
 Q174465 Bad SAP Packet Causes 0x0000000A In Afd.sys
 Q174478 Minimizing or Maximizing Does Not Redraw Window Properly
 Q174502 Fault Tolerant Recovery Does Not Reoccur After Shut Down
 Q174509 Stop 0x0000000A in Ndiswan.sys with Digiboard ISDN Board
 Q174510 Print Job Corruption Printing on Fast Hardware Across Slow Link
 Q174531 DirectDraw Fails Surface Creation with Large Dimensions
 Q174534 BitBlt May Not Work When Raster Operation Mode Is NOTSRCCOPY
 Q174535 Access Violation When TCMAPP Exceeds 16 Users
 Q174540 Extra Page Printed on Epson Stylus Color Printers
 Q174541 Publisher 3.0/4.0 Does Not Print Brick or Vertical Line Patterns
 Q174543 Enabling the Shift Lock Feature on Windows NT 4.0
 Q174555 STOP 0x0000001E When IIS Service Is Stopped
 Q174625 Environment Variables May Prevent Logging On
 Q174676 NetWare Authentication Failure When Logging On to NetWare Server
 Q174748 XADM: ESEUTIL /g Returns Error -1022
 Q174764 Memory Leak in Ntfs.sys
 Q174830 NMI Error Message on Blue Screen May Be Garbled
 Q174840 Disabling Buttons in the Windows NT Security Dialog Box
 Q174844 Spooler Service Causing Access Violation
 Q174869 WINS Client Sends Refresh Requests to Secondary WINS Server
 Q174871 Printer Shares Lost after Changing Server Name
 Q174927 Error Message During Setup of Noncritical Changes
 Q174929 No Response to ARP Causes Duplicate IP Addresses on Network
 Q174932 STOP 0x0000000A with Halmps.dll When Restarting
 Q175035 Diskless Workstations Cannot Find BOOTP Server with DHCP
 Q175048 CACLS Quits on Access Denied Errors with /c
 Q175093 User Manager Does Not Recognize February 2000 As a Leap Year
 Q175225 Disabling Context Menus Does Not Disable Key Combinations
 Q175266 Creating Many Partitions Causes Double Drive Letters
 Q175321 SNA Client Sessions Hang Until SNA Server Is Restarted
 Q175468 Effects of Machine Account Replication on a Domain
 Q175637 Poor Print Quality with Epson Stylus Pro XL ESC/P 2
 Q175641 LMCompatibilityLevel and Its Effects
 Q175643 CR Interpreted As CR/LF When Text Job Is Converted to PCL or PS
 Q175667 Error Message: Copy Profile Error
 Q175687 Win32k.sys Causes STOP 0x0000001e and 0x0000000a On SMP
 Q175738 Collate Feature May Not Work with PostScript Printing
 Q175745 Memory Leak When Using Win32 GetClipboardFormat API
 Q175877 CSNW Connection Leak When Running 16-bit Applications
 Q176081 Access Violation in Explorer.exe Removing a Share
 Q176082 RRAS Server Updates Link State Database but Not Route Table
 Q176087 LPRMON Status Strings Are No Longer Localized on German Version
 Q176209 RAS or RRAS Server Fails to Answer Incoming Calls
 Q176211 Console-mode Apps May Run Slowly on Multiprocessor Computers
 Q176319 Docfile Standard Marshalling Returns 0x800706f4
 Q176322 The Far East GetTextExtent API Fails with Null LPNFit
 Q176502 RAS Authentication Rechallenge Resets Compression Flag
 Q176922 Multiple IP Addresses Cause Dynamic Packet Filter to Fail
 Q176973 Stop 0x0000000A in Netbt.sys on BDC When WINS Server Shuts Down
 Q176976 Wrong Return Value from MkParseDisplayName
 Q176977 STOP 0x00000023 FAT_FILE_SYSTEM with Corrupted Floppy Disk
 Q177113 Incomplete Print Jobs Using JetDirect over SPX
 Q177125 User Cannot Log On to LAN Because of RAS Logon Failures
 Q177154 Access Control Causes Reverse Proxy to Fail
 Q177245 Multiprocessor Computer May Hang Because of Tcpip.sys
 Q177257 STOP 0x0000000A or Difficulty Recognizing IDE CD-ROM Drives
 Q177445 Use LoadLibraryEx When Loading Printer Drivers
 Q177471 EBCDIC Characters not Properly Converted to ANSI Characters
 Q177591 Service Pack Version Truncated in About Box
 Q177631 Comdlg32 Fails to Display Drives Mapped by SUBST Command
 Q177644 Commenting Macintosh File Changes Date and Time Stamp
 Q177647 Nonpaged Pool Size Incorrectly Displayed in Performance Monitor
 Q177650 Remote Shutdown Fails If User Is Logged On Without Rights
 Q177651 AT Command Handles Quotation Marks Differently
 Q177653 CRT Conflict with Getservbyname
 Q177654 Slow Network Performance Using NetBEUI Across Bridges
 Q177655 Negative Values in Performance Monitor Data
 Q177660 Access Violation Occurs in Sfmprint.exe on Busy Print Server
 Q177668 Calibration Does Not Change When You Calibrate Foot Pedals
 Q177670 RRAS Does Not Enforce Strong Encryption for DUN Clients
 Q177676 Stop 0x00000024 May Occur When Bypass Traverse Checking Disabled
 Q177677 TSR Applications Hang While Login.exe Is Running
 Q177680 With GSNW, WinNT Client Cannot See All Files on NetWare Server
 Q177684 Application Using SetOwner May Hang Windows NT User Interface
 Q177757 Dr. Watson Does Not Report Service Pack Number
 Q177868 SnmpMgrTrapListen API Returns ERROR_SERVICE_NOT_ACTIVE Error
 Q177906 Caching Does Not Work Under Reverse Proxying
 Q177983 Stop 0xA in Netbt.sys with Greater Than 64 Adapters
 Q178109 Roving Profiles for Windows 95 Clients Stop Working
 Q178110 FPNW Does Not Allow OS/2 Clients to Open Files
 Q178113 Specifying a Group Name in LMHOSTS File May Cause STOP 0xA
 Q178202 Fix for Loss of Data Records or Partial Records Written to Disk
 Q178205 Connecting to a Server is Slow over RAS Using LMHOSTS File
 Q178208 CrashOnAuditFail with Logon/Logoff Auditing Causes Blue Screen
 Q178302 XADM: Upgrade to Exchange 5.5 Fails If Virus Software Is Enabled
 Q178364 Macintosh Clients See Files on WinNT Server Constantly Moving
 Q178381 SNMP Leaks Memory If the OID Cannot Be Decoded
 Q178393 SQL Server Hangs When Sending a Message Using SQLMail
 Q178413 Windows NT System May Hang When Running a Filter Driver
 Q178414 Archive Bit Is Not Reset When a File Is Renamed
 Q178471 STOP 0XA Caused by Race Condition in VDM and Process Delete
 Q178546 CSNW Does Not Display Directory Name with Extended Characters
 Q178550 IP Address Conflict with Address
 Q178557 Dr. Watson May Display Message Box Even When Disabled
 Q178636 Directory Listing Not Correct When Using Russian Characters
 Q178723 Problems with "Run Only Allowed Windows Application"
 Q178741 Event Log Opening Problem Causes Services.exe Failure
 Q179092 NWLNKIPX Sends Broadcast RIPX Packets Over the Network
 Q179107 STOP 0x0000000A in Raspptpe.sys on a Windows NT PPTP Server
 Q179129 STOP 0x0000000A or 0x00000019 Due to Modified Teardrop Attack
 Q179147 Access Denied Starting Program
 Q179156 Updated TCP/IP Printing Options for Windows NT 4.0 SP3 and Later
 Q179157 Stop 0xA in Tcpip.sys When Source Routing Data Exceeds 18 Bytes
 Q179187 Problems Using TAPI 2.1
 Q179190 NWRDR May Send Excessive GetNearestServer Requests
 Q179433 Cache Manager May Cause Data Corruption on SMB Servers on FAT
 Q179553 Access Violation in PolEdit When Defining Allowed Windows Apps
 Q179741 STOP 0x0A Due to Duplicate Free in Afd.sys
 Q179827 Registry Handle Leak Causes Random Blue Screens
 Q179873 Files Open with UNC Path May Be Closed Prematurely
 Q179983 RDR Sessions on UNC Name Images May Log Off Prematurely
 Q179995 Memory Leak in FPNW Causes Windows NT Server to Hang
 Q180168 Novell Client 32 for Win95 Displays Duplicate Files on FPNW
 Q180356 NWConv Fails to Apply Correct Group Permissions
 Q180532 Xircom PC Card Fails to Function
 Q180622 STOP:0x0000001E with STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES in Sfmsrv.sys
 Q180648 Windows NT 4.0 Traps with a Stop 0x24 or Stop 0xA
 Q180716 SFM Fails to Accept Associations with Two-Character Extensions
 Q180717 SFM: File Date and Time Stamp Change with Get Info
 Q180718 SFM: Disconnect Macintosh Clients before Dismounting Volume
 Q180854 Access Violation in Winlogon with Third-Party Gina.dll
 Q180875 Russian Clients May Have File I/O Problems on an FPNW Server
 Q180963 Denial of Service Attack Causes Windows NT Systems to Restart
 Q181022 Err: Cannot Write to LPTx Printing to Parallel Port
 Q181120 Manual Dial Dialog Fails to Appear when Logging On
 Q181311 Data Corruption Occurs with Record Locking on FPNW Server
 Q181799 RPC/TCP Connection Attempt Made Only to First Address
 Q181859 Stop 0x0000000A When Using UltraBac to Back Up a SQL Server
 Q181928 Using POLEDIT to Save Policy Files on NetWare Servers May Fail
 Q182005 Euro Currency Not Available in Windows NT Character Sets
 Q182047 DHCP Server Performance Degraded by Large Number of Scopes
 Q182205 Clients Cannot Send Mail Attachments Through Modem Sharing
 Q182227 DNS Server Does Not Check for Delegations Before Forwarding
 Q182288 RPC May Cause System to Stop Responding during Shutdown
 Q182322 SNMP Appends Garbage to Data in Response to SNMP Get
 Q182333 Excessive Processor Usage on Print Servers
 Q182441 Full Synchronization from WinNT PDC to LanMan Server May Fail
 Q182444 NBF MaxFrameSize Calculated Incorrectly on Token Ring
 Q182540 WinNT x86 MPS HAL Can Fail To Map System Relative IRQs
 Q182644 DNR Sorts IP Address for Multihomed Hosts Before Returning List
 Q182781 Client Connections to Multihomed Server Not Load Balanced
 Q182816 WINS PriorityClassHigh Parameter Does Not Work After Restarting
 Q182817 CSNW: Unable to Rename File on NetWare Server
 Q182825 NET USE Returns Error 53 When Host Has 3 or more NICs
 Q182918 Account Lockout Event also Stored in Security Event Log on DC
 Q183054 Taking Ownership Remotely May Set Owner Incorrectly
 Q183069 Ensoniq PCI Sound Card Experiences Static When Disk Is Accessed
 Q183123 Find Files Displays Garbled Date if Year is 2000 or Greater
 Q183125 Shell Doc Property Dialog Custom Date Incorrect after Year 2000
 Q183283 IE Through Proxy Server to IIS May Stop on Page with Scripts
 Q183292 Print Preview Frequently Causes Access Violation in Spooler
 Q183335 Calling Card and Area Code Not Dialed Using Both TAPI Options
 Q183419 Memory Leak in Spoolss.exe Causes Performance Degradation
 Q183581 Out of Virtual Memory Messages During Windows NT Installation
 Q183651 Default Memory Settings for Lexmark Optra S 1250 Incorrect
 Q183652 Access Violation When More Than 200 Adapters Are Installed
 Q183653 Client Authentication Fails Connecting to Netscape Server
 Q183654 IBM DTTA-351010 10.1 GB Drive Capacity Is Inaccurate
 Q183656 XCOPY Returns "Invalid Parameter" When Using Date Switch
 Q183657 Unable to Insert OLE Objects into Application Documents
 Q183664 NDS Logon Scripts Do Not Execute Correctly
 Q183676 Window Position of Windisk.exe Causes Access Violation
 Q183677 Client Authentication with Personal Certificates Fail
 Q183699 Winsdmp.exe Inefficiently Dumps WINS Databases with Large ID
 Q183704 Hide Drives Policy in Common.adm Has No VALUEOFF Statement
 Q183705 RPC Mishandles Changes in the Number of IP Addresses
 Q183709 Printing from Xerox 3006 May Cause Paper Jams
 Q183718 CACLS Not Resolving Principle Names Correctly
 Q183749 Access Violation in INETINFO:TerminateExtension
 Q183755 More Than One Internal IP with Socks Enabled Causes Dr. Watson
 Q183812 Problems When a Connection over an ISDN Bridge Is Not Closed
 Q183819 DCOM over HTTP Method Calls May Hang for up to 15 Minutes
 Q183832 GetHostName() Must Support Alternate Computer Names
 Q183840 Stop 0xC000021A When Starting Task Manager with CTRL+ALT+DEL
 Q183859 Integrity Checking on Secure Channels with Domain Controllers
 Q183875 DHCP Server Leases Excluded Addresses if the Scope Is Expanded
 Q183886 Access Violation in LSASS When Logging on System
 Q183930 FIX: IP Is Mangled When Using UDP on Multihomed Computers
 Q184017 Administrators Can Display Contents of Service Account Passwords
 Q184026 NetDDE Causes Dr. Watson When Closing Incomplete Connections
 Q184072 HasOverlappedIoCompleted, GetOverlappedResult Give Wrong Value
 Q184101 Small Single and Double-Precision Values Are Rounded to Zero
 Q184132 Err Msg: Value Entered Does Not Match with the Specified Type
 Q184139 Stopping RPC Locator Service Causes Error 2186
 Q184213 SystemFileCacheInformation Can Be Changed Without Privilege
 Q184219 Access Violation in Microsoft TAPI Browser 2.0
 Q184228 Dr. Watson in Nwssvc.exe Deleting Queue and Printer from FPNW
 Q184229 Copying Files to a Macintosh Volume Changes Date and Time Stamp
 Q184232 DCOMCNFG Saves Incorrect Display Name in Services
 Q184278 Server in One Domain May Disconnect Client in Another Domain
 Q184288 GP Fault May Occur with IIS on Multi-processor System
 Q184344 Reconcile on DHCP Scope Does Not Work Correctly for BOOTP Client
 Q184350 WordPerfect Suite 6.0 Setup Fails with Multiple CD-ROMs
 Q184353 DHCP ALT+H Shortcut Key for HELP Is Not Available
 Q184414 Access Violation When Printing PostScript to SFM Print Server
 Q184537 Very Large Files Cause Performance Problems
 Q184538 Error Message: A Controller for This Domain Could Not Be Found
 Q184744 DHCP Server Leaks Registry Quota on Alpha Version of Windows NT
 Q184752 Xerox PCL Does Not Print Landscape
 Q184754 Several Threads Created in LRPC Running Stress Test in IIS
 Q184758 STOP 0x78 When NonPagedPoolSize > 7/8 of Physical Memory
 Q184794 STOP 0x50 May Be Caused by PPTP Registry Entries
 Q184832 Intermittent Name Conflicts with WINS Server
 Q184835 Explorer on Windows 95 DFS Client May Hang
 Q184836 Application Access Violates When Session Is Terminated
 Q184875 API Function BroadcastSystemMessage() Always Returns 1 (Success)
 Q184879 Windows NT Logon Dialog May Disappear
 Q184881 Reverse Lookups with BIND Earlier Than 4.8.3 Fail
 Q184891 Server.HTMLEncode Garbles Extended Characters
 Q184937 Session Between Multihomed Computers May End Unexpectedly
 Q184954 Computer Hangs While Booting with HP 6L Printer out of Paper
 Q184996 Incomplete List of NetWare Server Volumes with CSNW/GSNW
 Q184998 RDR May Read or Write from Wrong File If File Is Memory Mapped
 Q185051 Restarting Cluster Service Causes Services.exe to Crash
 Q185081 No Domain Controllers Found When Logging on Using RAS
 Q185137 Log Logical Record Request May Be Sent to Wrong Server
 Q185142 NetWare API Log Logical Record May Incorrectly Succeed
 Q185203 SPOOLSS Hangs When Printing a File With a Corrupted EMF Record
 Q185212 Cluster Server Does Not Support More than 900 Shares
 Q185219 IIS 4.0 with Multiple Certificates May Return Error
 Q185260 User Accounts May Get Locked out After Entering Wrong Password
 Q185300 STOP 0x24 in Ntfs.sys Function NTFSMoveFile()
 Q185323 Pool NonPaged Bytes Not Accurately Calculated for User Mode
 Q185349 Problems Remotely Accessing W3 or FTP Perfmon Counters
 Q185355 Printers Folder Displays Printer Error When Printer Is Busy
 Q185559 Negative Value in NtGdiFastPolyPolyline Causes Blue Screen
 Q185568 WlxCloseUserDesktop Function Unavailable for GINA Writers
 Q185571 Printing from Lotus Freelance 97 Produces Thin Horizontal Line
 Q185605 Stop Error Caused by Invalid Use of Private Video Driver Handle
 Q185624 Calls to NtQueryVolumeInformationFile May Cause Stop 0x0000001E
 Q185625 Windows NT Client Logon Fails with EnableSecuritySignature Set
 Q185668 IntelliMouse TrackBall Wheel Does Not Work with Service Pack 3
 Q185682 Bugcheck When IPX Is Bound to Only Ndiswan Adapter
 Q185722 SFM Rebuilds Indexes upon Restarting of Windows NT
 Q185723 Explorer File Copy from Windows 95 Share Fails
 Q185727 BUG: closesocket() Fails with 10038 After _open_osfhandle()
 Q185729 Computer Becomes Unresponsive During CGI Stress Test
 Q185734 DNS Server Access Violation in Dns!sendNbstatResponse Routine
 Q185735 Explorer Crashes When Dragging Lotus Notes Files over Toolbar
 Q185736 Applications May Appear Hung or Unresponsive on Windows NT 4.0
 Q185765 HP LaserJet 4Si Driver Unprintable Region is Incorrect
 Q185773 NTFS Corruption on Drives > 4 GB Using ExtendOEMPartition
 Q185787 STOP 0x0000002E on Alpha with ISA Sound Card
 Q185788 Windows NT Hangs on Boot on DEC Alpha Clustered Servers
 Q185791 STOP on DEC Miata and Rawhide Platforms Using Graphics Tablet
 Q185867 STOP 0x0000000A in Win32k.sys After Installing Korean Office 97
 Q185870 IIS: SQL Server Insert Error Regarding Column Name Mismatch
 Q185892 Unwanted Popup Message While Printing to an LPR Printer
 Q185944 Stop 0x7B After Installing Windows NT on an ALR Evolution-V ST
 Q185945 Access violation in win32k!HMMarkObjectDestroy in JPN and KOR NT
 Q186051 Archive Bit Is Not Set with File or Directory Rename
 Q186078 Name Resolution May Fail If NetBios Name Has ASCII Character
 Q186081 STOP 0x0000000A When Restoring Tape
 Q186101 FTP Client Does Not Show the Correct Transfer Size for Files
 Q186150 NetBEUI May Hang When Using Arcnet Under Heavy Network Traffic
 Q186158 Blue Screen When Shutting Down with RAS Connection Established
 Q186217 3C509 Is Not Autodetected During Setup on ThinkPad 760EL & XL
 Q186241 Dr. Watson May Cause CPU Usage to Spike
 Q186247 Users Are Unable to Print to Server
 Q186339 Adobe ATM 4.1 OpenType Fonts Not Showing up in Font Menu
 Q186357 RPC UseWinsockForIP is Only Applicable to UDP and IPX
 Q186416 System Hang Results from Large Number of Notify Syncs
 Q186434 Slow Network Default Profile Operation
 Q186439 Removing Server Service Results in Memory Leak
 Q186455 Mgmtapi.dll Opens Trap Socket in Exclusive Mode
 Q186463 Windows NT Replies to Address Mask Requests
 Q186473 You Can Delete All Records on a WINS Server Using SNMP
 Q186494 Event ID 517 Not Created When Security Log Is Cleared
 Q186495 WOW Leak Launching Many Instances of a 16-Bit Application
 Q186669 FPNW Logout.exe Incorrectly Reports Year After Jan. 1, 2000
 Q186743 International Characters Print Incorrectly in Schedule Plus
 Q186746 International Calling Codes Updated in Service Pack 4
 Q186770 Windows NT Hangs Trying to Access SuperDisk SLS-120 Disk Drive
 Q186805 Intermittent Stop 0xA in Srv.sys on Shutdown
 Q186820 DNS Server Returns Wrong Response When WINS Lookup Is Enabled
 Q186860 Update Memory Settings and Add Exec Paper Size to Sharp Models
 Q186873 Netbios Delays Sending/Receiving Packets When Session Is Lost
 Q186904 MPROUTER Access Violation on Invalid Radius Response
 Q186905 Radius Client Uses 100 Percent CPU on Invalid Response
 Q186929 LowercaseFiles Registry Key Has Added Functionality
 Q186963 Incorrect Dimensions in Executive Form with Mannesmann Driver
 Q187277 The FTP PORT Command Fails in
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