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JSI Tip 0772. How do I determine which users have been granted permission to dial in to the network via RAS?

RASUSERS will list all the user accounts that have been granted dial in permission. The usage is:

      rasusers \[Options\]
      rasusers DomainName
      rasusers ServerName


      /help Display brief usage message
      /? Display brief usage message


      rasusers JSI
      rasusers \\JSI001

The output is a list of Usernames like:


If you want a sorted, formated report like:

  User Name                           F u l l    N a m e                                   D e s c r i p t i o n..................................................................

  Administrator   Built in Administrator Account   Built in Administrator Account
  Jennifer   Jennifer Schulman   CFO
  JERRY   Jerold Schulman   President
  Opalis   OpalisRobot   OpalisRobot

see tip 754. Download and simply change:

for /f "Tokens=1-3* Delims= " %%i in ('showmbrs "Domain Users"') do call :sortu %1 "%%i" "%%j" "%%k" "%%l"


for /f "Tokens=1-3* Delims= " %%i in ('rasusers YourDomainName') do call :sortu %1 "%%i" "%%j" "%%k" "%%l"


for /f "Tokens=1-3* Delims= " %%i in ('rasusers \\YourRASserver') do call :sortu %1 "%%i" "%%j" "%%k" "%%l"

and all occurances of JSIUName to JSIRASUsers.

Don't forget to download fsort.

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