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JSI Tip 0755. Another way to display permissions.

In tip 596, we used a batch file to "print" permissions on a directory tree.

PERMS from the Resource Kit Supplement II ( tip 107 ), can enumerate the permissions for a user or group. Its' syntax is:

perms \[account\] \[path\] \[/i\] \[/s\] \[/?\] where:

 Parameter   M e a n i n g 
 account   The name of the user or group whose permissions are to be checked, in the format:
domain\username or
computer\username or
local username.
 path   The file or folder in any legal format, including UNC (\\). You can use the * or ? wildcards. 
 /i   This switch indicates that Perms is to assume that account is interactively logged on to the computer where path resides. 
 /s   checks permissions in sub-directories. 
 /?   Displays help. 

PERMS uses the following character to display permissions:

 Character   M e a n i n g 
 R   Read 
 W   Write 
 X   Execute 
 D   Delete 
 P   Change Permissions 
 O   Take Ownership 
 A   All 
 None   No Access 
 *   The specified account is the owner of the file or folder. 
 #   A group of which the user is a member owns the file or folder. 
 ?   The user's access permissions cannot be determined. 

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