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JSI Tip 0752. What is your Post Installation issue?

Microsoft has a page entitled What is your Post Installation issue? The page contains the following topics:

Access violation installing IIS 

Boot Manager does not work after installation 

Cannot apply Service Pack 1 or 2 with 128-bit encryption 

Cannot log on as self after installation 

Dualboot of WinNT 4.0 & 3.51 fails after NT 3.5x Service Pack install 

Error: Setup was...RegSaveKey returned error 112 

Fonts appear too large after installation 

How to: Determine the ARC Path for the Boot.ini file 

How to: Triple boot to Windows NT, Windows 95, and MS-DOS 

Missing items on Start Menu after upgrading to Windows NT 4.0 

NT Server performs hardware reset every 5 hours 

Service Pack 2 install auto replaces file permissions 

SP2 security hotfix produces error with /v switch 

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