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JSI Tip 0731. What is the x86 boot sequence for Windows NT?

When an x86 boots Windows NT:

1. POST - Power On Self Test.

2. The BIOS finds the boot record on the boot device. The MBR (Master Boot Record) reads the partition table, finds the boot record, and jumps to that sector and begins execution.

3. The Windows NT boostrap finds NTLDR.

4. NTLDR switches the processor(s) to 32-bit flat memory mode.

5. NTLDR reads the BOOT.INI and displays operating system choices.

6. The user selects a menu choice or the default timer expires.

7. NTLDR loads NTDETECT.COM which builds a hardware list and returns to NTLDR.

8. NTLDR loads NTOSKRNL.EXE for Windows NT, BOOTSECT.DOS for anything else.

9. NTOSKRNL.EXE loads and initializes Windows NT using information from the Registry to load and initialize drivers and other system settings.

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