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JSI Tip 0615 - Speed up your SBS shutdown.

If SBS takes forever to shutdown, add:

net stop "microsoft exchange information store" /y 
net stop "microsoft exchange internet mail service" /y 
net stop "microsoft exchange message transfer agent" /y 
net stop "microsoft exchange directory" /y 
net stop "microsoft exchange system attendant" /y 
net stop "modem sharing service" /y 
net stop "microsoft winsock proxy service" /y 
net stop "microsoft proxy server administration" /y 
net stop "microsoft fax service" /y 
net stop "microsoft dhcp server" /y 
net stop "computer browser" /y 
net stop "net logon" /y 
net stop "alerter" /y 
net stop "messenger" /y 
net stop "server" /y
to the batch at tip 166.

You might also want to look at tip 083 and tip 033.

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