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JSI Tip 0562 - Tired of the RAS dialer stealing focus when it redials?

To quote the author:

RASConnectNT - This project is a replacement for the idiotic RAS dialer in Windows NT. I've written it so that it doesn't constantly grab the focus while it's dialing and has a reliable RedialOnLinkFailure. It also allows you to execute a command after connecting. I've just released version 1.01, which fixes a bug causing the program to crash if it reaches the maximum number of redial tries without connecting. I have lots of ideas for features in a new version, as well as feedback from users. Unfortunately, development on this project has been placed on hold; I've just got too many things going on right now to put any time into it. I do intend to do a new version at some point, though.


RASConnect for NT is a replacement for the RAS dialer that is included with Windows NT. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate the way the NT dialer constantly grabs the window focus while it’s redialing. After reading a thread on the microsoft.public.windowsnt.misc newsgroup where lots of people were complaining about the same thing, I realized I wasn’t alone. So I decided to write my own dialer to correct this annoying behavior. It doesn’t have every feature that NT’s dialer has, but it has the most basic ones, and I’ll be adding some new features in the near future.

I have only tested this program running on Windows NT4, so I have no idea if it will work under version 3.51 or not. If you try this I'd like to hear about it so I can pass the information on to others. I've also received feedback that RASConnect works under Windows 95.

I use RasConnect in conjunction with tip 090. It replaces the following line in the batch file:

C:\Winnt\system32\RasPhone -d EntryName


<Drive:>\folder\RasConnect.exe EntryName

NOTE: The author has disappeared from the web so here a some instructions:

You can include RasConnect in a batch (as above) and/or configure it to invoke a batch or program after it connects. Just type RasConnect to bring up a dialog box.

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