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JSI Tip 0528 - Stop: c0000135 {Unable to Locate DLL}.

If you receive the subject message at start up, the file is either missing from %SystemRoot%\System32 or the Software Hive of your registry is corrupt.

There are various ways to fix the problem:

1. Use tip 181 to copy the file from the CD-ROM. You may have to reapply your latest Service Pack.

2. Boot to an alternate install of Windows NT and look in the original \System32. If the file is missing, copy it from the alternate install or expanded Server Pack (SPName.exe /X).

3. Check the Software Hive for corruption by booting to an alternate install of Windows NT and loading the original Software Hive using tip 182. When locating the Software Hive, it is the Software file with the Windows Icon, not the Notepad icon. If you receive a Registry Editor could not load ..... message, the software Hive is corrupt. You must restore the registry or run a repair / repair registry files.

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