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JSI Tip 0423 - Move your most frequently used programs to the top of the Open With list.

If you are tired of scrolling that Open With list because your most often used programs are not at the top of the list:

1. Type: Copy "<Drive:>\Directory\ProgramName.exe" "<Drive:>\Directory\_ProgramName.exe"

2. Type: ftype JSIfilen="<Drive:>\Directory\_ProgramName.exe" "%1"

Example: If you want to have Notepad and Wordpad at the top of the list:

Copy %SystemRoot%\Notepad.exe %SystemRoot%\_Notepad.exe.
Copy %SystemRoot%\System32\Write.exe %SystemRoot%\System32\_Write.exe.
ftype JSIfile1="%SystemRoot%\_notepad.exe" "%1"
ftype JSIfile2="%SystemRoot%\System32\_Write.exe" "%1"

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