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JSI Tip 0391 - IIS Services registry entries.

The IIS services are:

GOPHERSVC Gopher service
W3SVC   WWW service

These registry entries are located at:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\ Services\<ServiceName>\Parameters

 Value   Type   Default   D e s c r i p t i o n 
 AdminName   REG_SZ   Administrator   The Gopher service uses this name when sending responses to Gopher Plus queries. 
 AdminEmail    REG_SZ   [email protected]   Specifies the e-mail address for the administrator of the Gopher service. 
 AllowGuestAccess   REG_DWORD   1   0=IIS rejects Guest logins. 1=IIS accepts Guest logons. This entry is only used by FTP and WWW. 
 AnonymousUserName   REG_SZ   IUSR_ComputerName   The user name used by anonymous users connecting to this service. Because the password is stored in a protected area in the Registry, you cannot set it by editing the Registry. 
 Authorization   REG_DWORD   1   Specifies the user authentication methods used by the IIS service. This value is a binary bit mask as follows:
0=(None) FTP, WWW, Gopher.
1=Anonymous logons FTP, WWW, Gopher.
2=Clear text logons FTP and WWW only.
3=Anonymous and clear text logons FTP and WWW only.
4=Windows NT Challenge/Response logons WWW only.
5=Anonymous and Windows NT Challenge/Response logons WWW only.
6=Clear text and Windows NT Challenge/Response logons WWW only.
7=Anonymous, Clear text and Windows NT Challenge/Response logons WWW only.
 CheckForWAISDB   REG_DWORD   0   0=The IIS service does not perform content-based searches using the WAIS toolkit. 1=The IIS service performs searches if the WAIS toolkit (Waislook.exe) is installed in the system. 
 ConnectionTimeOut   REG_DWORD   900 (seconds - decimal)   How long IIS maintains an idle connection. 
 DefaultLogonDomain   REG_SZ   ?    The logon domain used to validate a clear-text logon when no domain is specified in the user name field. If IIS is running on a stand-alone computer, the default is the ComputerName. If the computer is in a domain, the default is the machine name of the PDC. 
 EnableSvcLoc   REG_DWORD   1   0=You can not use the Internet Service Manager to configure the IIS Service. 1=You can. 
 InstallPath   REG_SZ   Systemroot\System32\Inetsrv   The path to the location where the IIS service is installed. 
 LogFileDirectory   REG_EXPAND_SZ   Systemroot\System32\Logfiles   Each IIS service can be configured to record information in a transaction log file. 
 LogFileFormat   REG_DWORD   0   0=Standart. 3=National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) Common Log File format. 
 LogFilePeriod   REG_DWORD   1   0=No time limit. Instead, logs are limited by the size specified in the LogFileTruncateSize. 1=New log each day. 2=New log each week. 3=New log each month. 
 LogFileTruncateSize   REG_DWORD   0x01388000 (20 MB)   0=Limited by free space. 
 LogonMethod   REG_DWORD   0   0=Only users who log on locally can access IIS. 1=Users must have permission to logon as a batch job. 2=Users must have permission to access the computer over the network. If you are running SQL Server through an ODBC connector with SQL Integrated Security enabled, you must set this value to either 0 or 1. 
 LogSqlDataSource   REG_SZ   ?   WWW=HTTPLOG. FTP=TSLOG. Gopher=TSLOG 
 LogSqlPassword   REG_SZ   sqllog   The ODBC password for the user designated in LogSqlUserName. 
 LogSqlTableName   REG_SZ   ?   WWW=InternetLog. FTP=ftplog. Gopher=gophlog. 
 LogSqlUserName   REG_SZ   InternetAdmin   The user name used for accessing the data source for ODBC-based logging. 
 LogType   REG_DWORD   1   0=No logging. 1=Log to file. 2=Log to ODBC data source. 
 MaxConnections   REG_DWORD   ?   WWW=0x186A0 (100,000). FTP=0x3E8 (1,000). Gopher=0x3E8 (1,000). 
 Pathname   REG_EXPAND_SZ   Systemroot\System32\Inetsrv   This value is not used. 
 ServerComment    REG_SZ   Blank   The text that appears in the Comment box on the Internet Service Manager Properties dialog box for each IIS service. 

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\ServiceProvider\ServiceTypes\<ServiceName>\TcpPort is a REG_DWORD which defaults as:

GOPHERSVC 70 (0x46)
MSFTPSVC 21 (0x15)
W3SVC 80 (0x50)
Microsoft Internet Information Server 1368 (0x558)

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