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JSI Tip 0330 - How do I install DOS 6.22 on a Windows NT 4.0 Remoteboot Server?

Make sure that %SystemRoot%\Rpl\Rplfiles is being shared. If it is not, stop and restart the Remoteboot service. If it is still not shared, uninstall and reinstall the Remoteboot service.

On an MS-DOS 6.22 client, logon to the network as an Administrator and connect to the Rplfiles share by typing:

     net use M: \\ServerName\RPLFILES

Copy all the MS-DOS files to the M:\Binfiles\Dos622 directory by typing:


On the Remoteboot server, start the Remoteboot Manager and select Configure and Check Configurations. This will make MS-DOS 6.22 available to the clients.

Create a Remoteboot DOS Client Profile by selecting Remoteboot and New Profile. Type a Profile Name: MSDOS622. Select the Configuration: DOS 6.22 3Com Etherlink II and type anything in description. Click OK.

To assign a Profile to a Remoteboot Client, connect the Remoteboot client to the network and power on the system. The client should start searching for the Remoteboot server. The retries counter should increase steadily. If the client has a hard disk, see tip 331.

In Remoteboot manager, select the workstation name corresponding to the client's unique media access control address. The client will have registered its address automatically with the server. If you can't find it, press F5. If you still can't find it, the DLC packets are not being received.

Select Remoteboot and Convert Adapters. Type the client's workstation name and a description of the client computer. If desired, type a password. A blank or Null password allows the Remoteboot client to connect to the RPL server without any operator intervention when the power is turned on.

Select the Configuration type:

    Shared: the client can share its profile with other clients
    Personal: the must have it own unique profile.

Select the desired Workstation Profile and select TCP/IP DHCP if you are not using TCP/IP or select TCP/IP SETTINGS if you are. Click ADD to create a user account for the computer, and the Remoteboot client will continue the startup process using the assigned profile.

For additional information see the

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