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JSI Tip 0323 - How can I get a batch file to prompt me for parameters?

Windows NT does not support this, but you can fake it out:

1. Make a copy of %SystemRoot%\_Default or any DOS shortcut and name it the same as your batch file.

2. Right click the shortcut and on the Program tab, set its' name. On the Cmd Line:, enter the full path to the batch file followed by a space and a ?, as the Figure shows.


3. Create a param.nt in %SystemRoot%\System32 and use the Windows NT.. button to select it:

      dos=high, umb
      shell=%systemroot%\system32\ /p /e:2048

4. Set the Window to Run: minimized and check close on exit.

5. Create you batch file. Here is a very simple example:

      dir %1 > c:\zzz\jsi.log
      set >> c:\zzz\jsi.log

   or (if you don't want to run in the 16bit sub-system)

      %systemroot%\System32\cmd.exe /c "dir %1" > c:\zzz\jsi.log
      %systemroot%\System32\cmd.exe /c "set" >> c:\zzz\jsi.log

6. Move the shortcut to your start menu (see tip 051).

7. When you run the shortcut, you will receive the following prompt:

8. Enter your parameter(s) and click ok.

NOTE: See tip 2545 for a Windows 2000 / Windows XP solution.


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