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JSI Tip 0307 - How can I force a DOS application to Print-Screen directly to a printer?

When you press the Print Scrn key in Windows NT 4.0, the full screen image is written to the clipboard. When you press <ALT>Print Scrn, the active window is written to the clipboard.

You can configure your DOS apps to print directly to a printer:

- Right click on the exe and create a shortcut.

- Right click on the shortcut and select Properties. Select the Misc tab and clear the PrtSc check box.

- Click OK

- Place the shortcut in your start menu (see tip 051).

When you click this shortcut, your DOS application will capture the Print Scrn key and print directly to your printer.

If you have a network printer, see tip 049.

NOTE: See tip 6080 for doing this in Windows 2000.

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