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JSI Tip 0295 - What SID is assigned to each user?

If you want to know what the security identifier (SID) is for a specific user, edit:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

Double click the ProfileList key to see a list a SID keys.

Double click each SID to see the user.

With the ProfileList key selected, Save Subtree As from the Registry menu and save it to a text file, <Drive:>\Directory\SID.TXT. To make it easier to read, run this batch:

Find "Class Name:" <Drive:>\Directory\SID.TXT /V > <Drive:>\Directory\SID1.TXT
Find "Last Write Time:" <Drive:>\Directory\SID1.TXT /V > <Drive:>\Directory\SID2.TXT
Find "Value" <Drive:>\Directory\SID2.TXT /V > <Drive:>\Directory\SID1.TXT
Find "Flags" <Drive:>\Directory\SID1.TXT /V > <Drive:>\Directory\SID2.TXT
Find "Type" <Drive:>\Directory\SID2.TXT /V > <Drive:>\Directory\SID1.TXT
Find "000000" <Drive:>\Directory\SID1.TXT /V > <Drive:>\Directory\SID2.TXT
Find "  Name:" <Drive:>\Directory\SID2.TXT /V > <Drive:>\Directory\SID1.TXT
Find "0x" <Drive:>\Directory\SID1.TXT /V > <Drive:>\Directory\SID2.TXT
Find "replace with 8 spaces" <Drive:>\Directory\SID2.TXT > <Drive:>\Directory\SID1.TXT
Find ".TXT" <Drive:>\Directory\SID1.TXT /V > SIDlist.txt
del <Drive:>\Directory\SID.TXT
del <Drive:>\Directory\SID1.TXT
del <Drive:>\Directory\SID2.TXT

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