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JSI Tip 0281 - Event Id: 2009, Source: Srv, ..table reached maximum size.

Double click the error to locate the error code in the 11th DWORD at 0x28.

0000: 00040000 00540001 00000000 c00007d9
0010: 00000000 c000009a 00000000 00000000
0020: 00000000 00000000 000003e9 Error code

3e9  Too many open files. Type net file > toomany.txt and examine the toomany.txt file.

3ea  Too many unsatisfied SMB searches. Edit the registry at:


     Edit or Add Value of type REG_DWORD for value names:
     MaxGlobalOpenSearch - default: 4096, max: 65536, recommend: 16384
     MaxKeepSearch      - default: 1800, recommend: 900
     MinKeepSearch      - default: 480, recommend: 240
     Set PagedPoolSize at tip 279 to 0.

3eb  Too many user sessions (mapped drives or redirector hung). Use Server Manager or if you're in a hurry, see tip 159

3ec  No more free Tree Ids (TIDs) to satisfy a TreeConnect SMB. The only solution is to offload highly accessed data.

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