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JSI Tip 0214 - A guide for deploying Windows NT Workstation.


Richard A. Puckett ([email protected]) has authored an excellent Automating & Customizing Windows NT Workstation Deployments. I quote:

This work has been sectioned into four parts, each describing a particular aspect of creating a deployment strategy. Section I deals with setting up a Distribution Share Point on a server, with the understanding that the workstation installation process will be accessed through the use of a working network connection and a bootable disk. Section II covers the creation of an UNATTEND.TXT, or answer file, for deploying NT, with examples of both NT and Netware environments. Section III covers further customizing your NT deployments through the use of Registry edits, adding specialized Video and Network drivers, the SYSDIFF utility and UDBs (Uniqueness Database Files). Section IV covers accessing the Distribution Share Point from the workstation and the switches used to customize the install, to include custom batch files used to kick off installation. I’ve added an appendices of technical reference material and some interesting registry edits ( snipped ) to assist administrators of NT with the more frequently referred to data in this paper, as well as some customizing options for workstations and checklists for ensuring a proper deployment has been setup.

Additionally, visit and see Knowledge Base Article Q155197 and tip 354.

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