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JSI Tip 0204 - Allow your WinNT and W95 clients to install applications from a server share.

The April 1997 issue of Windows NT Magazine had an article on Installing Applications Across Your Network. Here is a simple translation that actually does work:

1. Create a folder and a share on your server called Installs.
2. Copy the install media to \\ServerName\Installs\AppName\
3. Create a share called NetInf at %windir%\inf
4. Edit %windir%\inf\apps.inf and add a new section to the botton:
5. Add a statement to the \[AppInstallList\] section for each app:
  Example: Config95=\\Server\Installs\Config95\install.exe
6.On each client machine, edit the registry at:
and Add Value AppInstallPath of type REG_SZ. Set it to \\Server\Netinf\apps.inf.
7. At a client workstation, go to Control Panel / add\remove programs / network install tab and select the application you wish to install.

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