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JSI Tip 0171 - Manage your own Tips.

You can add, delete or change the Welcome Tips that are displayed when a user logs on. The Tips are stored as sequentially named REG_SZ entries at


The Value name starts with 0 and progresses sequentially with no gaps. You may Add Value, change the text of a Value or delete the last or all Values and start over.

The control for the Tips is user based and is located at

HKEY_USERS\«User SID»\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Tips as two (2) REG_BINARY entries.

Show controls if the Tips are displayed. 01000000 enables the display while 00000000 disables it.

Next controls which tip is displayed next. 00000000 displays tip 0, 01000000 displays tip 1 and 0a000000 displays tip 10.

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