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JSI Tip 0166 - Do It Yourself Shutdown.

With all the hacking that I do to for these tips, I shutdown and reboot often. To speed up the shutdown, I have removed the Shutdown button from my Start menu (so I don't forget - see tip 050), implemented some speed up hacks (see tip 033 and tip 083), and created a batch file where I explicitly stop certain services and invoke shutdown.exe from the NT 4.0 Server Resource Kit. Here is a sample batch file:

@echo off
NET STOP Spooler
NET STOP ......other slow services such as Exchange, SQL, etc...
C:\Reskit40\Shutdown \\ServerName /l /r /t### /y "Bye Y'all"

You can find the service name by browsing the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services

I placed a shortcut to this batch file on my start menu (see tip 051).

Note: If stopping the service requires a y/n response, add /y, i.e.: NET STOP ServiceName /y

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