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JSI Tip 0158 - Server based virus detection software can cause problems.

Microsoft has received a large number of reports with the following symptoms:

- Access denied, even when logged on as Administrator.
- Can't change properties or delete files when logged in as Administrator or Owner.
- Client disconnected from the network or being unable to connect.
- Not enough server storage is available to process your command.
- Stop 0x00000050 when attemping to upgrade to NT 4.0.

All these events are random, they appear and disappear.
The one common thread throughout all of this is that the Server has virus detection software running as a service or services.

If you plan to upgrade to NT 4.0, or install a service pack, or configure your machine, disable the virus detection beforehand. I keep a shortcut to a stop and start batch file handy on the start menu:

net stop ServiceName and net start ServiceName

where ServiceName is found by browsing HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services. If there is a space in the name, enclose it in quotes, i.e.; net stop "NAV Auto-Protect"

If you experience any of these inexplicable problems, turn off all (or un-install) your virus detection. If the problem goes away, contact the product manufacturer.

Thankfully, even though I do a lot of configuration, Norton Anti-Virus 2.0 has not caused me any of these problems.

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