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JSI Tip 0157 - How can I let users administer their Workstation?

If you need (or want) to allow an ordinary user to administer their Workstation, add their \\Domain\UserId to the Workstations Adminstrators group. This will allow them to be an administrator of the workstation while signed on as an ordinary user in the domain.

If you haven't done so already, add the Domain Administrators global group to the Workstation's local Adminstrators group. This will allow Domain Administrators to administer the Workstation.

1. Log on to the local computer with an account that has local administrator rights.
2. In User Manager, Double-click on the Group Administrators and click Add.
3. In the List Names From list box, select the domain you usually log on to. Find the user name in the list and select it.
4. Click the Add button, the DOMAINNAME\USERNAME should appear in the lower list box now.
5. Click OK and OK again.

When the user logs onto the domain, they will have Administrative rights on their Workstation but remain an ordinary user in the domain.

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