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JSI Tip 0144 - What is the KB (Knowledge Base) and how do I search it?

The Microsoft KB is located at and contains thousands of articles, tips, error fixes, FAQs, links, etc.....
When searching the KB for Windows NT articles, choose All Microsoft Products and enter a boolean expression in the search phrase such as:

WinNT and 1st word and 2nd Word etc... where WinNT is the general Windows NT keyword. To search for bypass and logon, enter WinNT and bypass and logon. This will yield a number of possibilites.

While none of these are the answer to How do I logon without enterining my UserId and Password? clicking on Q119364 will lead you to Q97597 or you could refine your search. Click on the How to Search for the use of wild cards and other forms of expression.
You can narrow you search by adding any of the following keywords: (which change from time to time)

Keyword Description
nt16ap 16-Bit Windows Version 3.x-Based Applications
nt32ap 32-Bit Windows-Based Applications
ntbackup Windows NT Backup (NTBACKUP.EXE) Issues
ntboot Boot Process and Startup
ntconfig Configuration and Tuning
ntdistrib Service Packs/Upgrades and Disk Directories/Content Listings
ntdocerr Documentation Errors
ntdomain Domain Administration
ntdosap MS-DOS-Based Applications
ntdriver Device Drivers
ntfault Fault Tolerance
ntfilesys File Systems
ntgeneral General CNS Issues (Miscellaneous Information)
nthw Hardware Compatibility
nthowto How To (Informational)
ntinterop Interoperability (WfWG, LM, OS/2, Novell, UNIX, NFS)
ntlicense Windows NT 3.51 License Manager Issues
ntmac Macintosh Connectivity
ntmp Multiprocessing
ntnetserv Network Services
ntos2ap OS/2-Based Applications
ntposixap POSIX-Based Applications
ntprint Printing
ntprotocol Network Protocols
ntras Remote Access Service (RAS)
ntregistry Registry
ntreskit Resource Kit
ntrouter Routing and Remote Access Service Update
ntsecurity Security
ntsetup Setup
NTSrv NT Server only
NTSrvWkst   NT Server and Workstation
ntstop STOP Message/Blue Screen
nttemplate Escalation Templates
nttcp TCP/IP
ntui User Interface
ntutil Tools, Utilities, and Applets
NTWkst NT Workstation only
prodtcp32 TCP/IP-32 for Windows for Workgroups
prodlm LAN Manager
prodlm2nt LAN Manager to Windows NT Advanced Server Upgrade
WinNT Windows NT - all versions

Lastly, if you know the KB article you want, such as Q97597, you can directly retrieve it by composing the URL as

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