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JSI Tip 0094 - Adding multiple user accounts.

Below you will find a batch file which provides a simple method of adding multiple user accounts. This batch file does not make use of any non-standard commands. I personally use the resource kit utilities which allow assigning the new user to a group and setting share permissions, but the enclosed batch file does everything else. (You can add a net group command - see %systemroot%\System32\ntcmds.hlp)

Usage: Create a batch file of about 50 entries per the following example:

echo **>>c:\users\JSIAddErrors.log
call JSIAddUser User1 User1Password "Remarks" "User1 Full Name" HomeServer
call JSIAddUser User2 User2Password "Remarks" "User2 Full Name" HomeServer


1. The batch file must be run on the HomeServer.
2. Users home directories are created as hidden shares on HomeServer in C:\USERS\UserName.
    A login script will issue a net use Drive: /home
3. Permissions on C:\USERS are set for Administrators and Backup Operators only.
4. Common files in C:\USERS\default are copied to the users home directory.
5. An cummulative log file of errors is created as C:\USERS\JSIAddErrors.log.


REM JSIAddUser.cmd
REM Usage is Call JSIAddUser UserName Password "Remarks" "FullName" HomeServer
if "%5" == "" goto parms
if exist c:\users\%1 goto dup
md c:\users\%1 >nul
net user %1 %2 /ADD /comment:%3 /fullname:%4 /homedir:\\%5\%1$ >nul
if errorlevel 1 goto dup
net share %1$=c:\users\%1 /Y>nul
CACLS c:\users\%1 /G %1:F /T /E >nul
xcopy c:\users\default\*.* c:\users\%1\ /s /e>nul
goto fin
Echo %1 and/or c:\users\%1 pre-existing. >>c:\users\JSIAddErrors.log
goto fin
Echo number of parameters for %1. >>c:\users\JSIAddErrors.log

See tip 443 for a freeware user wizard.

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