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JSI Tip 0088 - Finding that memory leak using WinNT 4.0.

Much has been written about using Performance Monitor to detect and isolate memory leaks. Two KB articles on the subject are Q130926 and Q150934.

While these standard protocols work, the hit and miss method of finding the leaking process can be very time consuming. Here is an alternate method:

1. Start PMON.EXE from the Resource Kit, as the Figure shows.

2a.    Monitor Paged and Non-Paged pool usage (last 2 items on the 2nd row).
        If these are increasing over time, you have a memory leak.
2b.    Monitior the commit counters on the 2nd row.
        Increasing numbers over serval hours indicate a probable leak.
2c.    Monitor the Commit Charge column.
        The process with the leak will have an increasing value.

3. To make it easier to monitor, copy the output to the clipboard and paste it into notepad.
    Do this about once an hour over the duration of your testing.

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