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JSI Tip 0075 - Want to move tons of shares to another server?

If the prospect of moving all those shares to your new server has you down, here is a simple method that will only take a few minutes. Navigate to the following registry key:


Save the Key to a filename on a floppy. On the new server, navigate to the same key and save its' empty Shares key to a floppy before restoring it from the 1st server. This will destroy any existing shares on the new server. Now, restore the empty Shares key that you saved from the new server to the 1st server or delete the values manually (also from the Security sub-key). Create at least one new share on each server. This is required so explorer can refresh its' shares. In Control Panel / Services, stop and restart the Server Service. If you don't want that new share, unshare it normally.

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