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JSI Tip 0048 - Where is that driver for my printer?

Excerpts from KB article Q156082: "Windows NT printer drivers are developed through the cooperation between Microsoft and the independent hardware vendor (IHV) that manufactures the print device. Microsoft's role is to assist IHVs with programming and testing of the printer driver's interaction with Windows NT. The role of the IHV is to assist Microsoft in addressing either the general features or the entire feature set of the print device."

See "Freeware tools for Windows NT" earlier on this page for where to download new drivers.

If you have an unsupported PostScript printer, see Q142057 for instructions on installing the PPD that came with your printer.

If Microsoft does not have the printer driver:

1. Find a printer driver emulation that can provide the correct output. If your printer is a new model, you may want to try the driver for the previous model.

2. Contact the printer manufacturer to see if they have a Windows NT printer driver. Some printer manufacturers do develop drivers for Windows NT.

3. Indicate your desire for a printer driver by sending \[Email\] to [email protected] Do not include technical support questions in the e-mail to ntwish; include only the manufacturer of the printer, and the make and model. Microsoft will use this information to gauge demand for a particular printer driver.

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