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JSI Tip 0019 - Disabling autodisconnect.

Windows NT uses two different autodisconnect parameters; one for disconnecting Remote Access Service (RAS) connections and another for disconnecting LAN connections. The RAS Autodisconnect parameter is well documented in the Windows NT Server Remote Access Service manual on page 82, but the LAN version is undocumented.

You can find the LAN autodisconnect parameter in the registry at:
Purpose: The function is to disconnect idle sessions after a set number of minutes. The number of minutes can be set at a command prompt using the Net Config Server command. For example, to set the autodisconnect value to 30 minutes:

Net Config Server /autodisconnect:30

The valid value range of this REG_DWORD value is -1 to 65535 minutes at the command line. To disable autodisconnect set it to: -1
Setting Autodisconnect to 0 does not turn it off and results in very fast disconnects, within a few seconds of idle time. (However, the RAS Autodisconnect parameter is turned off if you set it to a value of 0.)

NOTE: It is preferable to modify the LAN autodisconnect directly in the registry. If you modify it at the command line, Windows NT may turn off its autotuning functions.

The valid value range if you edit the LAN autodisconnect parameter in the registry is 0 to 4294967295 (Oxffffffff). If you configure the autodisconnect option to -1 at the command prompt, Autodisconnect is set to the upper value in the registry. This is approximately 8,171 years (not tested should be long enough to be the equivalent of turning autodisconnect off.

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