IT/Dev Connections Mobile App Released!

IT/Dev Connections Mobile App Released!

Truly, a conference is only as good as the work done to ensure great content and community. IT/Dev Connections is such an event where you can focus on the technologies that matter most to your IT life. But, having some really cool bennies really adds to the mix.

I've been to many events over the years and only in the last 5 years or so have the mobile apps become crucial to the success of the event. Even more recently at MMS 2013 and TechEd 2013, the apps supplied were lackluster and buggy and many complaints were heard over social media and in the community forums.

Just released, IT/Dev Connections has its own mobile app, but I'm positive you'll find this one more on the stellar side.  Using the app you can build your schedule from over 180 technical sessions, view speaker bios, join Twitter chats, take notes, and get offline access to floor maps.

Not registered yet? Registration is still open, but you need to hurry. Located in Las Vegas, the conference starts September 30thand lasts through October 4th

Register HERE

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