Installing HP DeskScan II 2.3

The following installation instructions apply to both NT 3.51 and NT 4.0:

  1. Install HP DeskScan II 2.3 from the floppy disks.
  2. Check that the following files are in the directories listed:

    c:\winnt\system32 hpscanmgr.dll





    c:\winnt\system32\drivers aspi32.sys

    (Some users report that only the Advanced SCSI Programming Interface (ASPI) layer supported by Hewlett-Packard works, although other users say that the latest ASPI drivers from Adaptec are the only solution.)

  3. With Notepad or another text editor, add the following line to the win.ini file:

    Default source = C:\WINNT\Twain_32\HPDS23.DS

  4. Open the Registry editor, and make the following changes. (If you use DeskScan II 2.3.1, the installation program makes these changes for you.)

    a. Under hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\services, add a Key called aspi32 and create the following values:




    b. Under hkey_current_user\controlpanel\mmcpl, create the following line:

    HP_ScanJet:REG_SZ: %SystemRoot%\system32\hpscanmgr.dll

    The Registry changes configure NT to load the appropriate programs to run HP DeskScan II.

  5. Shut down the system, and then reboot.

Even when you follow the above steps, problems can occur. For example, one Internet posting on the CompuServe Forum HPPER said HP DeskScan II 2.3's installation program sometimes displays a dialog for entering the location of the Visioneer PaperPort software. According to the user posting the message, you can ignore this request either by pressing Cancel or by running the installation program's setup2.exe program.

Another Internet user reported that HP DeskScan II 2.3's installation program thinks it's installing under Windows 3.x, not Windows NT, and thus installs Win32S and other Windows 3.x files in the wrong place. Win32S, an Application Programming Interface (API), is a 32-bit dynamic link library that Windows 3.x can use to run some 32-bit programs within a 16-bit environment. If Win32S were successfully loaded into NT, it could cause some major conflicts.

The user's solution was to modify the hpsetup.ini file on the HP DeskScan installation disks. There are two important blocks on this file, in the \[Win3.1\] and \[WinNT\] sections, respectively. The user copied the \[WinNT\] block over the \[Win3.1\] block to make the two blocks identical. Both blocks then look like the following:

\[Win3.1\] or \[WinNT\]







Thus, the installation program still thinks it's working with Windows 3.x because one block's heading still says Win3.1, but the new block fools it into loading the appropriate files in the right directories. (For more information about online sources of information for HP ScanJet and other scanners, see "Online Information Sources.")

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