Insert a picture from the Clip Organizer - 30 Oct 2007

The Clip Organizer is Microsoft Office's media manager. In it, you can create an index of pictures, sound files, and videos. The clips can be organized into categories and indexed with keywords. Media that is in the Clip Organizer then becomes easier to manage and locate. Rather than having to search your hard disk or a network drive for a media file, you can simply enter some keywords and search the Clip Organizer, or browse its categories.

To insert a picture from the Clip Organizer:

  1. Position the insertion point where you want the picture to appear in the document.
  2. Choose Insert → Picture ? ClipArt.


    click the Insert Clip Art button. Insert Clip Art

    The ClipArt task pane appears.

    ClipArt task pane

  3. Enter search keywords in the Search for box. Optionally, configure the Search in and Results should be parameters.
  4. Click Go.

    The task pane will display previews of clips that match your search criteria.

  5. Point at the clip you want to insert and click the drop-down arrow that appears.


    right-click the preview and a pop-up menu appears.

    ClipArt task pane menu

  6. Click Insert.

    You can also just click the preview instead of Steps 5 and 6.

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